Delta Data Services LLC

Data Gathering

Gather your data from multiple repositories and load it into a single repository where it can be reported on and analyzed comprehensively.

Business Intelligence

Know your data and use this knowledge to find the gaps where money is being lost and efficiencies are being compromised.

Query Data

Start with one question and this leads to the next. In business intelligence querying your data is at the heart of gaining the knowledge about Sales and Marketing that you require.


When you can see all the data you need in one place then you can start to ask questions and get the answer that you need.


A picture tells a thousand words and in dashboard we assist you to visualize your data in charts and graphs that help you decipher the answers you are looking for.


We can work in many reporting tools and we can support our clients in the tools they use are their organizations.

Sample software include Zoho, Microsoft and more.


Here we are looking for single number, comparison numbers, trends and directions.

Render Results

At the end of the process businesses need results. Business Intelligence is all about the results in your Sales and Marketing departments. 

  • Where is money being spent that is redundant such as in software that does similar things?
  • Where are departments competing against themselves such as in bidding for keywords in Pay-Per-Click marketing?
  • At what stages are shopping carts being abandoned?
  • Why deals are getting hung up in certain stages of the deal? 
  • What deals are the in the pipeline in coming quarters by salesperson?
  • and so many more areas for enhancing business growth.
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Objective Lens
  • We provide an objective lens into your data, critically querying it for answer your questions without bias.

What's possible

We don't relent
  • We use our entrepreneurial drive, motivation, and never-give-up attitude to help you find the holes where money and efficiency are being compromised.
Documentation in reporting
  • We written extensive documentation including technical user guides, blogs and videos on the software we setup for our clients.

What's achievable

  • Created reporting platforms for specific industries including government, finance companies, tech companies, cable companies, pharmaceutical companies and nonprofits.

  • Been implementing business intelligence and reporting since 2009 with 100s of customers.

What could be

  • Worked on many projects from large federal government contract to small business projects.

  • Use technology to enhance the way we work with our clients’ using portals for our finance activities, elegant forms, and we keep in touch through newsletters, social media, SMS and more.