Delta Data Services LLC

Financial Industry Business Redtail Migration to Zoho One 


Our client wanted to leverage the full power of a CRM. Their existing CRM lacked automation and robust features that would offer basic functionality such as keyword search of their notes. Our client needed a greater level of flexibility, customization and automation to maximize their workflow output and operations. They were unhappy with Redtail CRM.


Our client needed to migrate their entire CRM database and content to Zoho CRM, a platform that would offer more functionality, automation, search capability, and flexibility. Delta Data Services exported the client’s data from Redtail CRM as a .SQL file. We downloaded the .SQL file into numerous related .csv files and reorganized the data in Microsoft (MS) Excel so that the structure of the .csv files properly matched the respective notes, activities and their associated Prospects and Contacts.


We exported data out of Redtail in .SQL, and converted it into .csv in MS Excel. DDS performed data scrubbing, data formatting, data restructuring, before importing into Zoho CRM. In Redtail, the client’s data was combined together in the export with data from other companies in their parent organization. After exporting, we isolated  the data associated with the client beore importing into our client’s new Zoho CRM. This additional preparation was done outside of Redtail in MS Excel before importing it into Zoho CRM.


Now our client has a clean, well- organized database that is specific to their organization along with the important notes activities and emails associated with their respective Prospects and Contacts. The client’s worklfow is much better organized and automated and their data has high integrity.


Business Analysis (Requirement Gathering, Testing, Documentation), Project Management, Zoho CRM, Zoho Analytics, Zoho Project, Zoho Meeting, Microsoft Excel