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DDS Financial Apps - An All-In-One Financial Management platform

  • DDS Financial App is targeted towards Financial Planners, otherwise known as Financial Advisers, or Financial Managers.
  • DDS Financial App involves many innovative, upgraded workflows, automations, customizations and templates.
  • ‌Financial Planners assist people and their families with managing their money and estates.
  • The DDS Financial App improves upon existing technology as it is innovative, and has upgraded workflows, automations, customizations, templates, users, roles, and permissions so financial planners work is enhanced.*

*DDS Financial Planners App improves upon Redtail CRM

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The “Information we need to know” in its own section which is important for Clients’ Information Security. 
  • SSN and DL Number are Encrypted to protect the clients’ information.
  • Only the advisors are able to see the SSN and DL Number and not Administrative staff.
  • Three addresses including Mailing, Legal and Business.


Two layouts of Deals: Settlement and Trust with their own individual pipeline stages going from sales to onboarding.
  • Contacts and Households status (active, non-active, pending) will be automatically updated following the changes in stage of Deals.
  • When a deal is closed-won, an invoice is created in Zoho Books.
  • A calculated field which is 1% of the Deal amount and correlates to the Advisory Fee %.


  • Household has been renamed from Accounts to be more in line with the Financial Planner industry.
  • Inside household, we can see all of the family members of the household as well as information through the related list.


Zoho Sites
  •  Access the form for the client intake questionnaire on Zoho Sites.

Zoho Forms
  • Contacts, spouses, and dependents submit their data to CRM securely through the Zoho Forms section of the app, and they are linked.

Zoho Sign
  • Signed documents such as advisor approval form is attached to Contact.
  • Quick and Automated processing of the document between the two parties.
  • Automated calculation of renewal dates to send Zoho Sign for signature.

Client Portals
  • Client portals for CRM and Books.
  • Client have access to view and edit their data in CRM.
  • Client can approve estimates and view invoices and statements in books.

Zoho Books
  • Record time spent on services rendered then automatically invoice from timesheet.
  • When a deal is closed-won, an invoice is created in Zoho Books.

Zoho Mail
  • Emails are related to record vs like Prospects, Contacts, and Spouses.
  • Determine when emails received and read.

  • Email alert sent when clients submit to CRM.
  • Auto birthday email alert direct to Contact.
  • Zoho Sign documents Reminders for advisor.


  • Dependents do not have all the required fields as the full contact.
  • Multiple dependents can be associated both to the household and to the contact.


Have a requirement to connect 3rd party apps to your DDS Financial App? We can assist with that. Look at our pricing below to get started with your API development.


Are you currently changing your CRM or other application from another vendor to Zoho ONE? We will assist you to accurately migrate your data with the highest level of quality. Ever heard of 'garbage in', 'garbage out'? See the section on Data Scrubbing and Quality Assurance  to see how we make sure your data is clean 'going in'.


We take your data and clean it to make sure all the content is standardized. We do this with advanced models in order to complete large amounts of data in the fastest amount of time.

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