Delta Data Services LLC

Medium Sized Business Paper Based to Digital Systems Integration


The company was just starting and just putting business processes in place. The few business processes they had stated were all paper- based.

The management did not have a clear handle on the progress of their different departments from Sales to Invoicing to Technical Support.


We decided upon an approach with the customer the customer to use Zoho CRM and Books as their core business systems. We customized and integrated their Zoho Books and CRM to their requirements.


In our solution we used the processes of the
Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC):

We began with requirement gathering to see the processes that each department was doing onpaper. We were able to do this in person by interviewing key staff members.

 We determined what the executives wanted their CRM to become through interviews with thoseexecutives.

We customized their CRM to current business needs also considering long-term growth andscalability.

We completely tested the system.

We trained the staff on their roles regarding the CRM. Training was in person and also virtual via Skype and Zoho Meeting


Thanks to our implementation of Zoho Books and CRM the company had 100% buy-in from their staff; the staff could see the value of the systems in making their work streamlined, more efficient and more professional. The staffs collaboration now is seamless. The executives lauded our work saying, "Zoho’s integration into our company has turned our business around! Our sales are excellent and our customer satisfaction ratings are very high." The executives now have the reports they need from their CRM to be able to make critical business decisions.


Business Analysis (Requirements Gathering, Testing, Training, Documentation), Project Management, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books, Zoho Reports (Business Intelligence), Google for Business