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DDS Membership Management System - An All-In-One Member Management platform

  • DDS Membership Management System is targeted towards organizations that manager their members such as boys and girls clubs, YMCA, and Rotary, Kiwanis and other business organizations etc.
  • The DDS Membership Management Platform improves upon existing technology as it is innovative, and has upgraded workflows, automations, customizations, templates, users, roles, and permissions so Member Management work is enhanced.  
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Management Platform

The “Information we need to know” in its own section which is important for Clients’ Information Security. 
  • The Member Organization can use their website to manage membership for the public.    
  • Their client data will be saved in the back end in CRM, Subscription and other applications.
  • Three pages including Member check In – check out, Signup, and Subscription Portal


  • Inside household, we can see all of the family members of the household as well as information through the related list.


Zoho Sites
  • Provide access to the forms for the Check in and Check out process.
  • Provide access to the forms for the plan subscriptions.
  • Provide the members with access to the Subscription Portal where they can manage their own subscribed recrods.

Zoho Forms
  • Members submit their data to CRM securely through the Zoho Forms section of the app, and they are linked.

CRM – Member data in CRM   

  • Each person is represented with a member record in the Member module.
  • Members in a household are grouped together under the same Household record in the Household Module.
  • The Check In and Check Out data collected will be stored under members' profiles.

CRM Reports 

  • The Check In – Check out data Report will be stored in Zoho CRM.    
  • Filter for the Check In and Check Out Created time (or any other date field).   
  • Household Name, Full Name, Member ID, Check in and Check out time are displayed in the Report.
  • Including a count for total numbers of Check in and Check out records for both Household and individual records.

Member Sign Up 

  • Website includes Sign Up page with many Subscriptions plans.
  • Easy sign up and checkout process with simple check-out form.
  • Member Management organization can manage their subscriptions through Zoho Subscription.

Member Subscription Portal   

  • The member can keep track and manage their subscribed plans, payments, and invoices through Subscription Portal

  • The member is able to manage their subscription where they can update their credit card, print their invoices and see upcoming subscriptions.

  • Adding new subscriptions can be done from the back end by the member management staffs.

Finance for Members in CRM 

  • View and manage invoices associated with member profile in Zoho CRM.

  • View and manage invoices associated to all members profile in the same household in Zoho CRM.


Have a requirement to connect 3rd party apps to your DDS Financial App? We can assist with that. Look at our pricing below to get started with your API development.


Are you currently changing your CRM or other application from another vendor to Zoho ONE? We will assist you to accurately migrate your data with the highest level of quality. Ever heard of 'garbage in', 'garbage out'? See the section on Data Scrubbing and Quality Assurance  to see how we make sure your data is clean 'going in'.


We take your data and clean it to make sure all the content is standardized. We do this with advanced models in order to complete large amounts of data in the fastest amount of time.

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