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The Outcomes of Working with DDS

  1. Company leadership are able to stay in the strategy realm as they have the information they need about their company at their fingertips, wherever they are.
  2. The company is more profitable as processes and people’s actions are streamlined and efficient. Deals are better managed, customers are better supported, finances are better received and paid, reports are accurate and insightful, marketing is more effective.
  3. People are happy working for your company and your clients are happy working with your company.
  4. Employees are fulfilled as they are able to collaborate better and even work seamlessly from home if they opt to.
  5. Company data is secure and well organized and scrubbed clean. Company data is at all leadership and employees’ fingertips no matter where they go.
  6. Systems in place are working the way they should, and everyone knows their role in the system and how the system helps them do their job.
  7. System updates are managed effectively and there is no interruption to productivity. Your system is always at the forefront of cutting-edge technology so you know that your business is running most effectively.

Our Expertise

  1. We have been Partners and Zoho Certified consultants for over 10 years since 2009.
  2. We offer advanced Zoho software integration using business analysis and project management techniques to deliver high quality projects on time and within budget.
  3. Our President and our staff have advanced degrees and certifications in Project Management and Zoho Projects and Zoho CRM.
  4. We are coaches and trusted advisors on sales and marketing and optimal business operations.
  5. Our President, Ebitari Larsen, was a NASA Earth Science Fellow, certified scientific SCUBA diver, named Wonderpreneur, has published scientific articles and attained a Master of Science.
  6. At DDS, Ebitari has published various – Ebi’s Visual Guides in Zoho CRM  and Microsoft.
  7. We write Zoho guide Blogs and make Zoho guide videos.
  8. We are certified women, small, local and minority owned through Women’s Business Enterprise National Certification (WBENC), California Unified Certification Program (CUCP) and California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC).



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-Pay a mark up to the subscription fees for the copy customization.

-Setup fees range from $10,000 to $20,000 depending on the complexity of the project.


Starting price for a Zoho CRM or single application project varies from $20,000-$30,000

Starting price for multiple application, Zoho One project varies from $60,000


$30,000 to 

$40,000 average website


We offer discounted nonprofit pricing.

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