Delta Data Services LLC

Project Management (PM) Support for a Cable / Entertainment Industry
Project Management Office (PMO) 


Our Entertainment Industry client needed a consultant to assist with providing continuity and cohesion for their quarterly planning meetings. They also needed to support the planning meetings manager of their Project Management Office (PMO) during this critical time. 


Delta Data Services LLC (DDS) attended the quarterly planning meetings to observe and take notes on the PMO interactions with Project Managers (PMs). Based on that, we would submit notes to the PMO and use them to come up recommendations for the PMO to give PMs. Additionally, DDS would be able to use the observations to prepare training materials that the PMO could use with PMs.


DDS provided information technology (IT) project management support to the client during the client’s quarterly project planning period. This support enabled the client to better track their decisions during their planning meetings and follow-up on the momentum garnered with their project leads.
DDS deliverables from the planning period support included:

• Planning period notes with details on the input from PMs
PM recommendations on how to encourage PMs to be more productive.
PowerPoint of PM training presentations. Used by the PMO to prepare the PMs for leading their projects

Our deliverables provided additional tools and methodology required to implement their projects according to their corporate project management standards.


The recommendations made by DDS based on observations and the PowerPoint slides allowed the PMO to have better insight into the quarterly planning meetings and to better support their PMs to prioritize and lead their projects.


Project Management (Recommendations, Develop Training Tools), Business Analysis (Documentation, Meeting Minutes).