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Salesforce Migration to Zoho and Web Forms Project


The client was not happy with their Salesforce CRM. It was difficult to use and the data was messy. Salesforce is expensive as are the consultants. The manager believed he could do better with another CRM and with a better CRM design.


We recommended to the client  a new Zoho CRM and performed demo of how everything is working as it should.


After we performed a demo of Zoho CRM for the client, they decided to migrate from Salesforce to Zoho CRM.

We assisted them with cleaning up and uploading the .csv files that were downloaded from Salesforce. During this process, we also recommended ways for them to adjust their CRM so that it would be scalable. They were impressed by how our customization made a lot more sense to their business than what they had set up in Salesforce.

We also created web forms for them that they embedded into their Joomla website. Data entered into the forms automatically populated fields in their CRM.

We also set up workflows for them so that when a form is submitted by a visitor to their website, various functions like sending emails or tasks to the sales staff to alert them that a new form had been submitted.


The Client was happy with their new CRM as it was easy to use and the data was organized. The client was pleased with the web forms and workflows because they kept the sales team on their feet, given no reason not to follow up on any Lead that came into the CRM.


Zoho CRM, Automation, Web Forms