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 Set Up a Signature Delivery Confirmation App System 
for Client’ Marketing campaign Project 


Our Information Technology (IT) client was using a paper and analog management system to track their product deliveries. It was a laborious task and inefficient workflow. Our client needed to implement a full digital system that provided both our IT client and their customers a user-friendly systematic approach to track packages. They needed delivery confirmation, en-route monitoring and real-time critical alerts sent at each phase of the process. Essentially, they did not have a reliable way to track and audit deliveries or a way to set reminders for important tasks and critical follow up. 


Zoho Forms. 
A highly collaborative and simple tool to collect, manage data and generate new leads in conjunction with the Zoho Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) module – an award-winning web-based platform that facilitates business growth. 

After a thorough assessment of our client's product delivery workflow, we found that the delivery professional could use the mobile app version of Zoho Forms on a tablet. Built for mobility, user-friendly access and speed, the delivery professional can receive signatures from the customer and alert the main office that the customer's package has been delivered.  

In Zoho Forms, the data from CRM auto-populates the Zoho form so that the recipient can confirm it is the correct address and person.

In Zoho Forms, the data from CRM auto-populates the Zoho form so that the recipient can confirm it is the correct address and person.

We integrated several modules of the Zoho ecosystem to create a reliable workflow that would update the CRM records and send an email alert to management. Our client's customer relationship experts were assigned a task to follow up with the customer within a preset time period -- usually within the next two (2) and three (3) days. As a result, these employees were able to keep track of their customers as well as manage their critical responses effectively.

Our team trained the client's delivery professionals on best practices, optimal workflow, and technical specifics of using the Delivery Signature Confirmation Tablet App. We trained delivery professionals on how to successfully execute their routine data entry tasks such as adding notes and uploading photos if needed. 

Finally, we recommended our client have their delivery professionals perform the “Business cards trading” with their customers during the delivery process. As a result of these efforts, the bottom line was positively impacted.  


Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms, Mobile App versions of both applications.