Delta Data Services LLC

Setup and integrating Zoho One Suite for a boutique consulting firm, focusing on creating healthy organizations for clients.


Our client develops many custom solutions for their business clients, such as: Organizational Development, Organizational Change Management, Training and Development and Project Management Services. They needed to streamline and automate their operations by integrating the Zoho One Suite platform. We assisted the client in setting up the Zoho CRM which is the I inch-pin for all the applications in the Zoho One Suite ecosystem. Below is an overview of the action items DDS performed to successfully migrate the client's software to Zoho One Suite.


  • Set up Zoho CRM as the central hub for all other applications

  • Integration with forms in the website and automate  white paper delivery.

  • Zoho Showtime for business Webinars.

  • Zoho integration with Outlook Email and Calendar

  • Migrate from MailChimp to Campaigns and prune duplicate records


We recommended the following :

Zoho CRM as the central hub :

Zoho CRM serves as a central hub for all of their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. This platform, allows the client to streamline their processes, policies, and people all in one place.


Zoho Forms : 

A collaborative, and incredibly flexible tool to collect, manage data and generate leads in conjunction with Zoho Customer Relationship Manager(CRM) – an award-winning web-based CRM designed to attract, retain, and satisfy customers to grow the business.

Outlook Email and Calendar integration with Zoho:

Zoho is an email client that can synchronize contacts, calendar meetings and tasks automatically from Microsoft Outlook The Zoho CRM can create contacts, leads, and initiate deals directly from the client's inbox.


 Zoho Showtime for business monetized Webinars:

Zoho Showtime Showtime can be integrated with Zoho CRM via plugins and enables data transfer between the two modules.

MailChimp to Campaigns and prune records:

MailChimp integrates with Zoho CRM via a browser extension, where it synchronizes email Campaigns and Subscribers with MailChimp.


Integration of Zoho CRM: 

Zoho CRM saved our client's time by automating processes that helped them reduce manual data entry, eliminate redundancies, and accelerate their workflow.


Integration of Zoho forms: 

Zoho Forms integrates with Zoho CRM. By integrating modules and fields, email channels, templates, personal profile and signature, we built workflows and alerts that automatically updated CRM records.


Integration of Outlook with CRM: 

MS Outlook inbound and outbound emails were associated with Leads, Contacts or Deals in Zoho CRM. We added email messages and file attachments to the Lead or Contact in Zoho CRM without modifying the original message in Microsoft Outlook. We resolved conflicts while synchronizing contacts, calendar and tasks with Zoho CRM to elminate  duplication of customer data.


Integration of Zoho Showtime with CRM: 

The client was able to view participant data in a designated CRM module, filter the attendees based on metrics like engagement, and get insight into their audience. The client could also invite people directly from Zoho CRM and export the session data back to their CRM. 


Integration of MailChimp to Campaigns and prune records: 

With the MailChimp extension for Zoho CRM, the client was able to synchronize their Campaigns and Subscribers. It also had two-way synchronization, which gave our client the option to choose to move data only from MailChimp to Zoho CRM or both ways. All the client's contacts and leads could be imported based on their unique mapping settings. 


Zoho CRM, Zoho Forms, Zoho Showtime, Zoho Campaigns.