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Zoho is widely known for its award-winning CRM system. 

Zoho CRM is a cloud-based CRM software that helps businesses better manage their customer relations by streamlining organization-wide sales and marketing functions in a single system that is accessible anytime, anywhere. 

Zoho CRM is a valuable tool for your business because:  

  • It is a systematic approach to handling customer relationships.
  • It is a critical storehouse for your leads and consumer information.
  • Collected information are analyzed thoroughly to understand customer and market requirements.
  • You will be assured that you protect your company from fraud while providing the highest level of customer service. 
  • Your business will be more efficient and therefore improve customer satisfaction.


Our Services

Trusted Consulting on Zoho for business needs. 
  •  Do you have some questions about CRM and want a little more personal attention than a Customer Support call? Do you want to know if you are customizing your CRM in the best way possible? We will answer all of your questions and guide you to the extensive benefits that Zoho CRM has to offer your business. We offer a free Half-Hour Consultation so please contact us today.
Customization and integration of Zoho CRM. 
  •  With the advanced offerings of CRM, we are able to effectively customize CRM and integrate it into your business. We base our development on a single word which is 'Scalable'. Every single CRM we customize for you is designed to sustain any amount of growth that your company will make and that is our guarantee! 
    • Custom Fields and Modules
    • Workflows
    • Web Forms
    • Custom Email and Inventory Templates
Data migration. 
  •  Are you currently changing your CRM from another application to Zoho CRM? We will assist you to accurately migrate your data with the highest level of quality. Ever heard of 'garbage in', 'garbage out'? See the next bullet to see how we make sure your data is clean 'going in'.


Data scrubbing and quality assurance. 
  • We take your data and clean it to make sure all the content is standardized. We do this with advanced models in order to complete large amounts of data in the fastest amount of time.
Custom reports generation. 
  •  Using Zoho CRM we will build customized reports for you that enable you to quickly get insights to questions you need answered about your business. These reports will ensure you better understand critical success factors about your business e.g status of sales, performance of sales staff, quality of customer support and more. 
Business process reengineering based on business needs. 
  •  We will customize Zoho CRM for your specific business processes and resources. Through training and documentation your staff will clearly understand what is expected of them in Zoho CRM making collaboration among staff seamless. 
Continuous support to incorporate existing and new functionality in Zoho. 
  • We will be happy to assist you with ongoing support in CRM. As your business grows your needs from CRM will also change and grow. Zoho continuously rolls out new functionality. We can assist you to continuously use the most cutting edge, best fit technology in your CRM.

At Delta Data Services, we are experienced Zoho CRM Consultants in Los Angeles and ready to help you. We are qualified and experienced to ensure that your CRM project is professionally managed and successfully implemented. You can trust that we have the skills, knowledge and experience required to provide trustworthy CRM support to your business. We have a large list of long-time customers who have evaluated us with 100% customer satisfaction every time. You can trust our work!

Please see our What is Zoho? page for more about Zoho. Please contact us here for more information.