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Solutions » Technical Writing

Our technical writing skills cover the spectrum of technology development from the proposal phase until final user documentation. We are committed to providing documentation that simplifies complex systems and processes to your intended audience. We provide documentation that accurately represents your work and is professional.



We have written proposal for government contracts, universities, non-profits and private businesses. We work closely with your Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and business development staff to gather the information that we require to write the proposals. We manage the proposal through various drafts and feedback cycles until final production (printed copies, CDs, PDFs) and submission.


User Guides

The final stage of any software development lifecycle is documentation. We strongly believe in concise, accurate user documentation to assist users with any system. We write step-by-step instructions with screenshots to make it easy for the users to follow along. User documentation can be for print or for use digitally or online.


Requirements Specifications

We write requirements specifications as part of our technical writing and business analyst capabilities. Requirements describe what the stakeholders of any project want to achieve with their system. Generating requirements requires interviewing stakeholders for their existing processes and requirements in the new system. It also involves gathering existing documentation of processes and specifications. We write our requirements according to the numbered format, in best practice, where each requirement has its own number and can be tested against.


Test Scripts

We write test scripts against requirements as well as do the testing. Each test is numbered. It has the steps listed, the expected outcome and whether the test passed or failed. Our test scripts are automated so that you can easily track the total number of passed or failed test.