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Zoho Training

We are established Zoho training consultants. We provide online and classroom-based curriculum and training for Zoho’s award-winning CRM system as well as many of their other systems. Our curriculum often comes in the form of a User Reference Guide that the trainer trains to when they visit your site or performs a remote training.

Our User Reference Guides are developed custom to your CRM. We do this because every CRM is different - companies collect different fields, use different modules and not others, and have different requirements and expectations of their users. We make you a User Reference Guide that is tailored to your your company using screenshots that are specific to your company. 

Our User Reference Guides are very detailed and can be used to train new users in the future. Click here for an example of what one of our User Reference Guides looks like.

Zoho CRM: Critical User Skills.

The user training trains staff on what the company wants them to do in their CRM. We meet with the managers at each company and understand their expectations of their users and then train the users based on that. This means, users learn all the modules that are being used at the company. We get them comfortable with the layout of the CRM and how to navigate around and look at related lists. We train users on how and which Activities to use. We train users on reading reports.

Zoho CRM: Critical Administrator Skills.

We can work with administrators at your organization and perform train-the-trainer. We can teach the administrators all about the back end of Zoho CRM. This includes administering the CRM and setting up user Roles, Permissions, and Data Sharing Rules. It includes setting up the modules, templates and layouts. It includes setting up automation, and syncing CRM to other applications. 

Microsoft Office Training

We also provide Microsoft Office Training in particular Introductory and Intermediate Word and Excel as well as Power Point. Our training documentation is very detailed (with screenshots) so that attendees can even take the entire training on their own; we also provide sample data to practice with. If you require, we can perform in-person or virtual training that follows the training documentation. We also perform Train the Trainer for our Microsoft courses.

If you require, we provide hands-on assessment tests so you can see the progress of the attendees. These test require the attendees to manipulate sample data thereby showing that they know how to perform the requested functions.