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Our Vision


Our business will continue to be at the cutting edge of technology and particular with Zoho applications. By doing this, we will have cutting edge quality and lasting solutions for our customers. We will use new technology to help us quickly and precisely gather the information we require about the client's business so that our work solves their specific needs.

Our customers will be a good mix of small, medium and large sized businesses. Our President will still integral in the business and she will ensure processes are in place so that the right staffs are placed on any project. She will continue to highlight and value effective communication among her staffs to result in the best customer service and deliverables.

Our staff will feel invested in the company and stay with us for their career. We will do this by empowering our staff to manage projects from their initial entry into the company. They will be given the creative freedom to solve the clients' needs with guidance from leadership. As they grow in the company, we will require our staff to take opportunities for professional development.

Our staff will provide advanced customer service to all our customers. Our staff will score highly on client evaluations. Our clients will refer us business because of our customer service as well as our project deliverables.

Our vision is one of a company where employees are able to volunteer 5% of their time using their technical skills at a non-profit of their choice. These volunteer hours will be paid. We will have a system in place where we can track the quality of the work done by the volunteer.

We will continue to be able to make a greater impact on future generations, such as university students. We will provide them with skills and tools to prepare them, either to stay with us or to apply to other jobs that they aspire to.