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What is Acxiom ?

Acxiom provides the most comprehensive, global suite of consumer insights in the market, harnessing data about real people across the most sources of data to power audience targeting and people-based marketing.

Acxiom’s consumer data and insights illuminate all marketable consumers and enable brands to engage and personalize experiences across digital and offline channels. Whether leveraging data for understanding audiences, building digital and offline lists, isolating contact touchpoint data or appending insights to known or anonymous audiences, Acxiom’s broad suite of offerings helps brands succeed.

With more than 45 years of data expertise, Acxiom has perfected the process to ingest, clean, match and enhance omnichannel datasets at scale in a privacy-compliant way.

Acxiom’s broad portfolio of offerings enable people-based engagements everywhere across a wide spectrum of use cases, from simple to very sophisticated. Acxiom’s full scope of data and insights covers the globe with reach of 2.5 billion addressable consumers across APAC, EMEA and the Americas overall.

Acxiom’s privacy-by-design data processing approach uses the Acxiom Safe Haven® framework for partner audience creation services to ensure ethical use of data in Acxiom’s product development.

Please see our Acxiom Data Insights page for the Acxiom products we proudly integrate for our customers including:

  • PREFERENCES & PREDICTORS - Made up of Acxiom Predictive Audiences and Partner Predictive Audiences.

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