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Laserfiche is the world’s leading software for enterprise content management, enterprise document management, electronic records management, business process automation, and productivity-boosting data analytics.


Laserfiche solutions make organizations smarter, more collaborative, more efficient and more effective. 

Laserfiche enables a variety of advantages for business's including:

  • Digital transformation
  • Robotic process automation (RPA)
  • Paperless offices
  • Efficient workflows 
  • Electronic forms/Eforms
  • Batch scans for multiple documents
  • Organized storage of scanned and digitized images


This content service platform is also enabled for cloud storage and cloud content management via Laserfiche cloud offering.

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Laserfiche was founded on the idea that we could drive positive change in the world through our technology. Community outreach—through volunteerism, education and philanthropy—is a natural extension of our business purpose. Everywhere we operate, we work to make a positive impact on local communities. Our practices and policies underscore our dedication to corporate responsibility, and we remain focused on fostering a company culture that empowers employees to support organizations and causes that are important to them. Today, we continue to provide a vision of digital transformation for organizations around the world. We believe in innovation and collaboration—among our worldwide offices, employees, partners and customers—which has led to the solutions that move industries forward.


Laserfiche has users spanning more than 80 countries across the globe, in nearly every industry including government, education, financial services and healthcare.


At Laserfiche, we don’t just build software. We transform the enterprise.

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