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  • Unrivaled Solutions

    We prove ourselves with intelligent solutions to your greatest challenges using cutting-edge technology and analysis
  • Business With A Global Perspective

    We have become trusted advisors to all our clients based on our expertise. We become experts on your company and it's needs, that way you can completely trust our feedback.

  • Projects Meet Unique Goals

    Bringing about beneficial change and added value to our customers, we undertake projects to meet our customers’ unique goals and objectives.
  • In Person And Virtual Training

    We provide online and classroom-based curriculum and training for Zoho’s award-winning CRM system as well as many of their other systems.
At Delta Data Services, We are Information Technology (IT) and Management Consultants in the Los Angeles area since 2009.

Ebitari Larsen

President Of Delta Data Services

"You can trust our company with your projects.

We provide high quality work and solutions. 

We are great communicators. 

We are reliable, knowledgeable and experienced. 

To learn more about us, go to our  About Us links."

Ebitari is amazing on all accounts.

She is fantastic to work with

and really knows Zoho.

Our project has some unique complexities and

Ebitari has come up with many creative solutions for unanticipated challenges that gave surfaced. VERY Highly recommended!!

Kelly Niessen


DDS has been our Zoho CRM specialist/consultant for two years now.

Without their help we would not be able to manage our leads, customers and sales as efficiently as we do today. Whether it is a big project or a small question,

DDS is always there to help. They provide great quality customer service and always exceed our expectations. DDS has helped us to increase our productivity and our bottom line.           


Stephanie Beagan

Sales Manager

Ebi was very professional, flexible and patient in her approach.

She provided us with excellent input for further Zoho CRM developments. I can only recommend Ebi!

Rene Blum

Vice President

We are certified small, local, woman and minority owned business



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