About Us /

Sophisticated (yet intuitive)

We provide sophisticated (yet intuitive), elegant, sustainable, and scalable solutions so that all of our services make the greatest outcomes to our customers' organization.

We will have to promptly and effectively learn about the company’s industry, services and culture. Every solution for our clients is unique and innovative, tailored specifically to their needs.


We achieve the high standards we set for ourselves and to continue to provide high quality services to our customers. We are precise in our services; we know our niche. Our greatest satisfaction comes from providing quality work on all projects.

We provide a friendly, professional and diligent experience for our customers. We include our clients on pertinent steps of all projects. We want our work to be exactly what our client wants. We are knowledgeable to ask and answer all your questions to clarify requirements; we never assume.

Ethics & Integrity

We conduct our business to the utmost degree of honesty.  Also, we are kind and respectful of all the people we interact with at Delta Data Services (DDS) having great reverence for humanity. We expect those who interact with us at DDS to be honest, kind and respectful as well.

Customer Relations

We realize that keeping a strong relationship with our customers will lead to respect and enable us to understand our customers' needs more.

We are value and appreciate our customers greatly. We develop lasting relationships with our customers.

Employment Opportunity

We provide a rewarding and prosperous place to work for our employees. Our employees love to work at DDS as their work is creative, empowering, flexible and supported with the resources and corporate culture they require.

We provide employment opportunities to Junior and Senior students at local universities as well as local apprentice programs:

a. We challenge them with various types of projects

b. They learn a lot about how to run a business

c. Their work will prepare them to achieve the best opportunities after they graduate. 

Volunteer Opportunity

We volunteer our expertise to local non-profits. It is our commitment to treat them like any paying customer. Even, when things get tough in the work we have volunteered to do, we stick with it and continue to provide our very best services.