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What is the cost to get Zoho consulting from DDS?

First of all, we offer a free hour of consultation where we can dive directly into your specific issues and start strategizing about how to resolve them. At DDS, our hourly rate is less than $200/hour. We are able to give a fixed price estimate once we know more about your project. Also, we have found that we can work with you in person or virtually through screen sharing and if you purchase a couple hours of consulting we can work together and fix your issues on the fly.

This is a good way to make the most of your consulting hours. If there is come work for us to take home and work on then we can do that but for many of your issues we may be able to fix them right in front of you. If we bid your project more than 12 hours, we offer a 15% discount on our hourly rate.

What is the cost of a website from DDS?

We recommend our website customers purchase the subscription based software called Zoho One. With Zoho One, you have access to Enterprise Editions of all 40+ of Zoho's applications for $30/user/month if you pay for a year or for $35/user/month if you pay month to month. This comes to $360 annually if you pay for a year or $420 annually if you pay month to month. You can also opt for $100 per month for unlimited users in the Standard edition of all 35 Zoho applications.

Why do we want you to sign up for all Zoho applications? We want your website to work for you. We want to connect your website to your CRM and when visitors fill in your web form, it goes straight into your CRM. With SalesIQ, we set up a chat box on your website and you get statistics about your website at your fingertips. We want you to set up Zoho Campaigns and get some email marketing going to your customers. We want you using Zoho Social to help manage your social media campaigns. There will be many other Zoho One applications you will want to integrate once you get started and see the potential in their functionality.

The cost to implement a website setup like what we describe here starts at about $5,000.

Where can I find your Statement of Qualifications?

Please find our Statement of Qualifications at this link.

Where can I find your Marketing Brochure?

Please find out Marketing Brochure at this link.

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